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Encounter with Death

I saw death the other day.
I had a meeting with it at 9:00,
at its office downtown.
There were a few questions I needed to ask.
I was expecting to see a dark shadow
with sharp teeth and claws.
when I got there I was met by a kind,
old woman.
She smiled at me
and brought me to her office.
It was like she could read my thoughts
because right away she said,
- So, you want to know about 'The other
- Yes , I replied, please tell me about it.
I listened eagerly.
-Well it's not what it seems,
as you've probably already noticed,
she said calmly.
Death is not evil with devils,
nor kind with angels.
It is simply me
taking you in
so you can fight through another life
much like you do now.
So I smiled and said,
- Death really isn't so bad after all.
So what if I die?
Everyone's greatest fear is death,
but not for me anymore.
Now I can live my life free,
free from the fear of death.
I guess coming face to face
with your fear
and talking it out
really does pay off.
As I got up to leave, I said,
- Thank you, Mrs. Death,
And I'm sorry, but I can't stay
any longer.
I now have an appointment
with Guilt.

Stacey Levitt
November, 1989

To Everyone

Set a goal
And reach it!
Hold your head high!
Don't settle for second,
Be first!
Aim for the top,
Use your power!
Let yourself go
Up, up,
To the zenith of your being!
Believe in yourself!
You can do whatever you want
If you really set your heart to it!

Stacey Levitt


I'm climbing up a waterfall;
I think I'm gonna make it.
When I get to the top,
I'm gonna slide back down
and do it again.

I'm climbing up a waterfall
and I'm almost at the top.
When I get there,
I'll scream and dance and jump.
And water will pound over my body
and I will laugh,

Or maybe I'll just climb up these stairs
and go into my room and sleep.

Stacey Levitt