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José María Pérez Gallego
Valencia (Spain)
2013-09-09 14:03:41
A Stacey Levitt Llévame a los azules cielos, donde siempre estás Llévame a los azules cielos, donde siempre estás para ir a un horizonte más lejano que yo no puedo contemplar. Llévame a escuchar el viento ascender por las montañas a oler la fragancia de los bosques en todos esos valles que conoces. Quiero ver como las nubes nos traspasan y así, henchidos de inmortalidad saludar nuevos amaneceres, sonreír contigo siempre. Llévame a beber el agua pura y fresca donde yaces. A recorrer los prados donde creces como flores y el rocío al caer la noche. Quiero un día compartir el cielo estrellado toda la luz hermosa de las estrellas suspendidas en la noche regalártelas y ver como te recreas con ellas como te recreas con tu mundo, pues es mundo de amor como bien lo tienes y haces ver con tu corazón aventurero rebosante de poesía, amor al bien y a la vida.
Marie Couto
2011-10-07 19:08:08
I found great comfort in your book. My husband and I also lost our 14yr old son Robbie Couto who passed away May 4 2009 at school,his heart just shut down,healthy active boy.Your story helped us to realize we are not alone in our struggle.Everyday is a challenge.Thank you, your words and Stacey's poems are inspirational.
Rob Miller

2011-07-02 02:08:25
Your site is very useful.
2011-05-22 00:05:05
Fell out of bed fieelng down. This has brightened my day!
Thornhill, ON
2011-03-26 10:14:48
Hi Ned, My friend and I just came back from Mexico where we climbed Iztacchuatl and Pico de Orizaba. In the mountain hut in La Joya, where we were staying before climbing Izta, we met Miguel Cortes who is a volunteer hut keeper and mountain guide. Miguel told us the story of your daughter and your personal journey in great and touching details. I have never experienced such a grave loss, but I could vividly imagine myself staying beside you in front of the blue box with Stacy's poems and listening to you delivering her words to the wind. Back home, I read her poems and appreciated what your girl had to say to the world. Yes Stacy could have done a lot more, but you have helped her to speak her soul and to spread bits of her light among others. Thank you!
ted winick
2010-01-31 04:41:56
Dear Ned, Since we had lunch several weeks ago, and I went home with Stacey's book "I Am A Rose", not a day goes by that I don't spend a minute, often more pondering what you discovered through her passing. Certainly I found that the message you spent so much time and effort to find was stated so clearly in Stacey's poetry... perhaps it was so in our faces and minds, that we in fact missed the simple truth of the epiphany she experienced long before she was even a teen. As you know, I am a chess instructor in Toronto schools, using the game as a metaphor for life to teach life skills and critical thinking. I now keep the copy of "I Am A Rose" in my brief case at all times and read from it when the opportunity presents itself... which is often. When I observe youth who seem lost or confused about their future or by other issues which precipitate adolescent angst, I turn to Stacey's book and relate the story of her life and death. I do this in a way that helps these living, breathing children to realize what they have to live for. I am refining my lesson, searching for the most effective way to impart the beauty and passion that was Stacey's being. I want these children to realize they have the opportunity to be something that was taken from Stacey. I am getting better (albeit slowly) at suggesting that these children include as part of their goals, to live out their lives as Stacey might have, indeed as Stacey did... and to do so for her!!! I'm amazed at the effect this lesson has on these children, some as young as grade 2 and 3. I do this without warning teachers of my intention; I slip it in the last 10 minutes or so of a class, and always read the following three passages: 1) "I Am A Rose", 2) "Student and Teacher" and 3) the quote from her journal written on 'Day 5, Wed. March 15, 1995' found on the inside cover of the book. I will close by adding that your comment in one of the interviews you gave, about the fact that you were a good person before Stacey's death, but have now added being a passionate person, resonated with me in the most profound way. I have always made decisions based on my feelings and have been criticized by others for not being rational. I never fully understood why I made those decisions, but through your explanation I now know they were more than right, they were life-giving. Thank you, Ned, and G-d bless you, your family and of course Stacey.
Timothy J. Staley
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
2008-03-14 10:44:16
I shared the poetry Stacey wrote with my daughter's friends when they visited for Spring Break from college. It was inspiring and because of this book and the messages inside we have decided to take my daughter's poetry and the stories she wrote and compile them for print. Thank you for your positive energy and for making a difference in not just my life but in many others. Be Well, Timothy
Alberto Danis
Amecameca, Mèx.
2007-10-07 16:08:49
I hope understand this mesaage, cause my english isnt very well, i know about Stacey, because today 7/10/07, escaled the Volcano Iztaccihuatl in Mexico with my brothers, cousin and one friend, and we saw there, a little blue box, into it, theres a book and a notebook, i wrote some Words, about i think in that moment, and i read some pages of the book, i hink that is amazing, i hope can buy it soon, i really sorry, and "Stace always be a Rose", taka care so much, and you come to escaled this magnific Volcano, its amazing!!!! Alberto Danis From Amecameca, Mèx. betomb30@hotmail.com
david kunkel
guelph ontario
2007-09-30 20:54:51
its only been 3 months since our 19yr old son died. he died from a diabetes. we found him in a coma in his apt on june 30th and we withdrew life support in the early morning hours of july 5th. its the hardest thing we have ever had to do. if someone would have told sharon and i when we were married 27 yrs ago that we would hve to experieince this i dont think we would have believed them. i know from other peple who ahve gone thru this that ther eis a silver lining behind htis black cloud but right now it doesnt feel like it. its unbelievable to me. i wish i couod change it back i read your book. i received it from afeind who lost his 4 yr old daughter 3 years ago. i wasnt sure i would be ready to read it. when i opened it and strted to read the first few lines of the Preface I didnt stop. i read it in two sittings. its now sunday night and i jsut finished it. thanking you doesnt seem appropriate. i'm still numb from all this. i hope some day to find purpose in Johnny's passing and maybe johnny and stacey are looking over your family and mine david
Tammy Hill
Brandon Fl
2007-04-13 21:03:27
I just got through listening to you Mr.Levitt speaking at the 2006 Bereaved Parents on the Power of Memorials. Your words have touched me. I lost my son Tyler at the age of 9 in July 2004. You can visit him at http://www.heavenlyangeltyler.com Thank you so much for reaching out to other. Hugs Tammy & Angel Tyler
Ephi Lavon
Acco Israel
2006-12-11 10:14:19
I light a candle to stacey levitt as she will remain at the age of 18 . To you the Levitt with all our support
Linda P
Halifax, NS
2006-12-06 08:49:11
dec 05,2006.. I lie in bed dreading the new day that has started which should be celebrating my sons 18th birthday, instead of mourning 7 years without him. As I, as well lost my precious son as he was hit by a car in front of our home. I listened to vicky and heard you speak, I realized this was meant for me to take notice. I will seek your books for comfort and knowledge as a sure sign from my angel. Thank you
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