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Stacey Lazarenko
Calgary, Alberta
2001-05-14 13:58:00
I watched the story of your daughter on T.V and the impact that it had on me was amazing. I feel your pain as I lost my Mother two weeks before I had my first child and the pain was unbarable. It is amazing to see how you and your family are dealing with your loss. My heart goes out to all of you! Your daughter must be very proud of you. Too often we forget those we loved and it is a wonderful thing you are doing to keep her spirit alive!!
Aaron R. Orr
Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
2001-05-13 23:25:00
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Levitt: I saw the program on Vision TV last night and I was touched by the beauty of its every word and scene. Such accidents certainly challenge our values and bring us forcibly to see that this earth, however beasutiful, is not our home. My love and thoughts are with you and your daughters. Heaven's peace be yours...always!
Alex Binz
2001-05-13 13:20:00
Watched your program this evening about your daughter and how you as her father dealt with her loss. I am very touched at how you went about it and re-inforces to me how important it is for people to always make amends with people that they love because you never know when they will be gone.... Just yesterday there was a terrible car accident here in Vancouver and a 31 year old father of two passed away after being hit by a speeding , stolen truck at 5:30 Am in the morning. I know his wife who is 31 and has a 4 month old child and a 16 month old child ... A tragedy.. My first thought ? I hope they parted (he was going to work and it happened only 7 blocks from his house)with a hug and a kiss. What struck me in your program tonight is the saying: To God we are like roses he picks us when we are ready and we do not know when that is... Thank you for sharing this beautiful story to the world and showing that fathers too have feelings and unlimited love.... Thank you, Alex (Divorced father of two beautiful daughters 16 and 19)
2001-05-13 12:03:00
hi. last night i was home alone and i was flipping channels on the t.v. i came across the story of Stacey Levitt and her father's wonderfully told encounter of dealing with the loss of a loved one. it touched me more than i would ever have imagined. i do not have first-hand experience with losing someone that close to me. i was a student at North Toronto and i remember reading about Stacey in the Northern yearbook. i fully appreciated the compassion that was displayed by the program about stacey and family. thank you for sharing your true love for stacey with us.
Elsa Wills
Hamilton, On.
2001-05-12 23:59:00
Thank you for the touching and meaningful documentary on the short life and tragic death of your young daughter. My daughter died almost nine months ago, age 34. She had been gravely ill since her mid twenties, so the pain I am feeling now is a continuation of that which I experienced for so many years as I watched her health deteriorate, with the one awful addition -- the pain of never seeing her again. I took much comfort from your words, especially when you described the three things that Stacey left you, her love, her poems and her spirit. I, too, have been bequethed these things by my daughter and I feel her strength buoying me up. I really appreciate your sharing your private grief, it really helps to know that others endure and survive what seems at first unendurable. May all of us who have suffered the death of a child find peace and acceptance. Elsa Wills
Shalyn Hrushowy
Manitoba, Canada
2001-05-12 23:51:00
Watched your program on TV tonight and was really touched. Hope you're doing alright.
Richmond Hill, Ont.
2001-05-12 23:33:00
By chance I caught the title of your tribute on Vision T.V., and as I listened, I relived my own loss, so similar to yours. I felt I was there with you. You have given your beautiful Stacey a wonderful memorial by sharing her essence through poetry with the world. I too lost my precious 17 yr. old Nadia in a similar accident in 1989, and like you found it comforting in keeping her memory alive by sharing her poetry with family and friends. My prayers are with you, and may precious memories of your beloved sustain you. God Bless you.
Todd Reynolds
Midland, ON
2001-05-12 22:31:00
Having just viewed the documentation cronicling your daughter's and the rest of your family's experiences on T.V., I feel compelled to write a short message. Just like Patricia (entry May, 11), I have very rarely watched the station that aired the program about Ned's journey to reach the ultimate bond and closure, or perhaps opening, with his daughter. I was very impressed and inspired by not only the program, but in the message and meaning of your daughter's poetry. The emotion and purity of your daughter's writings are missed by many people in their every day lives. I teach a Social Skills class that is composed of nine boys with extreme behaviour problems. I was so moved by the few poems that I heard tonight that I was thinking of getting a few copies of your daughter's book to share with my class. If anything, I hope that they will gain an appreation of poetry. My wish however, is that they will be able to learn a bit about what it is to really live and love and apply meaning to all of the little things that they encounter, as it appears your daughter had, and you have. If I can, I will help to share your daughter's fabulous work with some children who could really learn from your family's inspiration. Good luck on your next journey. Todd
Lynn Stewart
Barrie, Ontario
2001-05-12 22:04:00
Just finished watching the documentary that was made as a tribute to your daughter. Found it both poignant and inspiring. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience in such a beautiful way.
Albert D. Loewen
Chilliwack, BC, Canada
2001-05-11 16:23:00
I just watched your story on Vision TV. As I heard you share from your heart, your grieving for the loss of one of your daughters, I also cried. On a hill-side far from Mexico City, on a knoll above the lush Fraser River valley here in British Columbia lies the earthly remains of one of my daughters. Her name is Lisa Faye. I say is instead of was because she is still very much a part of my life / our life as a family. I've been told by some (who don't understand) that my continuing to talk about her or my continuing to bring up her name is morbid and unhealthy. I feel sorrow for them, they fail to understand the heart of this father for his little girl. I heard you loud and clear when you stated that what you had wanted to do for Stacey was to build a memorial and not a shrine. Thankyou so much for sharing your heart with people everywhere. I was touched. Take Care! Albert
patricia byers
Whitehorse, Yukon
2001-05-11 15:55:00
I was sitting in my family room last night flipping through channels and for some reason I stopped at the documentary aout your remembrance for your daughter Stacy. I have never watched that channel before, and when I paused on the program I had no idea what it was about. I have come to accept that some things just happen and others are guided by spirit. My daughter Amy died of a very rare and fast-progressing cancer on March 31, 1999. She had just turned 25. There was an observation at the very end of your documentary that gave me an insight. You spoke about feeling happy and experiencing joy and then feeling the sharp flood of pain that always seems to be stronger when it emerges after that happy moment. You said that you have come to accept that this has become a part of who you are. You will always feel the pain of missing Stacy along with the joy of living. Yesterday and old friend said to me, I am glad to see you looking so happy. I smiled and thanked her, walked outside and burst into tears. I had been awake for two hours the night before remembering and reliving some of the terrible times in the hospital with Amy. My friend's words made me feel sad, guilty - and somehow dosconnected to my world. Missing Amy, yearning for her, connecting a million things in everyday life to memories of her - it made me feel as if the most important and deepest part of me was invisible to the people I know and care about. They see the happy me and think that is all of me. Your words made me realize that the happiness and the joy I feel is real and the pain that always accompanies those feeling makes up who I now am. The joy I can share easily and the pain I share when I need to. I think your tribute to your daughter is wonderful. We have a tiny cabin on the 'marge of Lake Lebarge' and we created a garden there for Amy beside the swing her father built for her. When Amy was in pain she used to imagine herself swinging in the midst of a field of wildflowers. We recreated her vision and I love to be there with her. Beautiful people create beautiful places. It's good to know that there are special places in our world that honour these special and beautiful young women. Thank you for sharing your sorrow and your insights. You have helped me understand myself a little better.
Brenda Ha
Boston, MA
2001-03-02 12:59:00
Although more than 10 years ago, I remember our Allenby Public School days with great clarity. The softball and soccer teams, Saturday afternoons on the Levitt swingset with Peaches closeby, spending time at the cottage... all bring to mind such positive and happy memories for me. To the Levitt family: Through this website, the publication of I am a rose, and the TV documentary, you have captured the very essence of Stacey's vibrant personality in a true and meaningful way - how wonderful to celebrate the life of such a beautiful woman. Thank you for allowing those who did not know Stacey to get a glimpse into the life of a talented, beautiful and kind person who grew up in such a loving and supportive home environment. Ned and Cheryl - it was wonderful to see you recently. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with the Levitt family, always. Take care, Brenda
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