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Heather Andrews
Port Coquitlam, B.C. Canada
2002-06-18 13:19:00
As the mother of two, I cannot imagine the horror of my children predeasing me. How wonderful that you have your daughter with you still, through her marvelous, spirited writings. How lucky you are! Please know that you are in my thoughts and I pray the pain and feelings of emptiness and loss will ease with each passing day and with the knowledge that your daughter's poetry will, no doubt, have a profound impact on the the lives of those who read it.
Susan Spira
2002-06-17 22:41:00
Three weeks ago my brother Bob died of an overdose; I find myself crying, at any time and any place uncontrolably. I think I'm in phase 1 of grieving, guilt, lonlyness, unimagionable to put out of my mind. In four days my neice will be getting married and I am standing up for her and I am praying I can keep Bob out of my mind during the ceremony. I have three childern my self, and a husband. I can't imagion loosing a piece of my soul when my child dies. Your daughters poetry is soothing, a piece of my soul and through me I hope she reaches you. She must of been a very special young woman too reach someones soul without knowing them. I'll be praying for you to be STRONGER and let this be the most learning experience of your life. Please try to e-mail me back. This is my daughters e-mail and she is aware of getting an e-mail back from you. You have lifted her too and she is very thankful of you for that. Thank you, for your loving touch. Susan Spira. ps. My daughter would be very interested in talking to your daughters to see how they are doing during this tradgic time. Thank you very much.
Vinita Arora
2002-06-17 22:25:00
Dear Mr. Levitt, As many others before me, I am honoured to leave a few words in Stacey's Blue Box, to comfort us both, after watching your wonderful documentary. I applaud your determination and courage, to keep your daughter alive with you, and to lift the sunken spirits of every sad person left behind. I teach many young adults in university, and I know I see the eagerness and freshness of your daughter and my sister in many faces. I am the middle of my parents three daughters. Last year, my younger sister left us to marry a man in Vancouver: she did not allow us to meet him, and told us to never contact her again. She will not be present at my wedding on June 30, 2002, and importantly, she has broken the hearts of my parents. Mine, too, I have just realized. But my parents still believe one day she will return to them, for the unconditional love that comes from parents. I have been so angry for some time, but now only feel grief at losing a sister who is still living. But now I hope that she will see your documentary, and return to our family, as Stacey did. I wish you and your family so many joys in the years to come, and hope that we meet one day in our neighbourhood. Vinita Arora
Mark DuCharme
London,Ontario & Thunder Beach
2002-06-17 22:25:00
I was flipping throught the channels on my TV and came across this man walking along this beautifil beach with his hands in his pockets. I took a closer look and I knew he was walking along Thunder Beach. Mr. Levitt, I met you once while my Dad (Pat)was trying to help you with your generator at the cottage.Wow, what a powerful life experience. The piece reinforced to me, how precious life is and to cherish the moments together. To tell your family each day how much you love them and how important it is enjoy each day.
Ottawa, Ontario
2002-06-16 20:25:00
Hello I am writing to say that I saw Stacey's story on television June 15th and I am sorry for your loss. I want to say Stacey was blessed to have such a wonderful and loving father who finished her journey for her, I can see you loved her very much and without a doubt you are a very good man. You remind me of my own father who loves his children dearly and will go to any length for them. Your daughter's story will just encourage me to show and give my parents all the love I can, and will remind me how precious the time we share together is
Miss Dale Leadley
Vibank, Saskatchewan Canada
2002-06-16 14:06:00
My condolences to you and your family. I watched the program on T.V. tonight and was deeply touch on how you and your family turned such a tragic accident into a wonderful memorial for Stacey. It was such a great gesture to have her book of poems published and to share them with the world. You are truly a representation of what a good human being should be. The rest of us should and can learn from what you and your family have done. Thank you again for sharing with us the joy and sorrow your family has gone thru. I'm absolutely possitive that Stacey is looking down from above, just beaming, knowing she had and has such a wonderful family. Sincerely Dale
2002-06-15 22:11:00
With an awe , I watch a documentary about the journey you took in memory of your daughter. What a tremendous thing to do. The blue box I'm sure will be there for years to come. Stacey's memory will always be alive through your journey to the mountain she so much wanted to climb. Stacey's young life has become more important in the other world where other souls need to hear her wonderful words. To you and to us she has left us words to remember her by in form of poetry. I will try to find a copy because of what I heard. She had tremendous feelings for this life and was more than willing to share it with the next. To Stacey's family, my deepest condonlences. Others are now being captivated by her gentle words.
Rhoda Bodnoff
2002-02-22 22:44:00
Dear Levitt family I was deeply moved by the tragedy of Stacey's passing. Your quest to complete the mountain climb must have been both wonderful and very difficult at the same time.You have paid a great tribute to your daughter and the blue box....Having suffered painful losses also I empathize with you and your family.We are lucky to be able to cherish the wonderful memories of those we loved so much.Wishing you peace and happiness....sincerely Rhoda :)
Sarah Kligman
2001-12-05 16:13:00
Hi Levitt Family. I was just sent this web site from my friend Karen. Both of us were lucky enough to have grown up in Hebrew and religious school classes with Stacey at Temple Sinai. Your daughter was one of the most fun, caring and smart people I ever met. The poem Kaleidascope that she wrote in Israel and shared with us on the last night of her trip is something that I will cherish always. I think that the way you have kept Stacey's memory alive is absolutely amazing. All the best, Sarah
Valerie Taller
Kanata, Ontario
2001-05-20 13:33:00
To the Levitt Family; My friend Rhoda told me to read your beautiful daughter's poetry. She was a lovely sensitive young woman, but I read from her poem that she will be safe forever on the other side--Death cuts us off from the other side, but I feel she is right there beside you Dad, with her hand on your shoulder, touching you, thanking you for your love and remembrance of her--May her memory and living words forever give you the strength to go on, and may other people with this unbearable sorrow find comfort and peace in her words and soul, which will live forever through your life-- Love, Valerie
2001-05-14 21:31:00
To Ned: I read somewhere that the definition of courage is One who knows the best and worst this world has to offer and continues on undaunted. Thank you for courageously sharing your journey of healing with us. When you described hearing Stacey's voice at the table and her message to you, it reminded me of a book which you might be interested in reading. It is called Hello from Heaven! by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim. The book is based on a research project involving over 2000 participants who had experienced some form of after-death communication from a deceased loved one. From the book: Receiving a verbal message, by hearing the voice of a deceased family member or friend, is also a very common type of after-death communication. Some people reported hearing an audible voice that was from an external source. They heard the voice through their ears in the same way they would hear any other person talking to them. But most people stated they heard a voice internally, inside their head or mind, and they were equally certain the voice originated from a source that was outside them ... Generally the messages that are received during auditory ADC's are brief and to the point. They may be compared to telegrams, which typically contain twenty-five words or less. And so, as from a foreign country, Stacey in effect sent you a telegram, not so much to release you from the burden of grief, but rather to give you permission to experience joy and happiness again, secure in the knowledge that to do so would never be a betrayal of her memory, but instead a precious gift to her. On earth, whenever a dearly loved one is happy, we experience happiness too, and likewise for those on the other side. So yes, mourn and grieve, but as your healing progresses, also smile and laugh and experience all the joys of life, so that Stacey may share in your joy as well as your grief. Ellen
Mary Hegedus
Brantford, Ontario Canada
2001-05-14 18:59:00
Dear Ned & Family, I was deeply touched by the story of the loss of your precious daughter, Stacey. I accidently taped it on my VCR. It turned out to be a very valuable mistake. Her story is a keeper and an inspiration. Thank you for sharing her life and spirit. God Bless You. Warmest wishes, Mary Hegedus.
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