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Brenda Munroe
Bradford, Ontario.
2004-09-28 15:28:00
I just wanted to take a moment and say that I heard you on 98.1 today and very much enjoyed your story. It encouraged me to visit your site to learn more about Stacey. All who visit this site should be very proud they did.
Dana Newman
Toronto, ON
2003-12-29 21:36:00
Tranlsation of next message: On March 15th I went to Ixta, thanks to an friend's invitation and that day I wrote a some things in that book because I identified a lot with Stacey. Just like her, we weren't able to reach the peak but I thank God that I didn't make it because maybe if I had, I wouldn't be writing this note. Thank you for sharing her poems with us, Stacey left an important fingerprint in my life after reading part of the book.
Raleigh NC
2003-06-04 12:04:00
Although gone from this earth..She is never away cause she lives in u!!
Allison A. Hicks
Houston, Texas
2002-12-06 22:42:00
I have enjoyed reading Stacey's poetry and your website. I found it while I was searching for websites on grief just now. My 13 year old daughter died on September 28, just over two months ago.
Renata Ledo
2002-07-18 14:11:00
I am a former classmate of Stacey's as well as Jackie's from Northern Secondary in Toronto. I am deeply saddened by your loss. She was a special individual, as is all your family for reaching out and to help other vibrant, athletic, young women with the Stacey Levitt Scholarship fund. My thoughts are with you all.
steve barta
colorado springs
2002-06-28 17:09:00
Ned, I was thinking of you the other day when I reconnected with a childhood friend of mine who lost her brother many years ago. Her brother & I were the best of friends. I think of you often and hope time is helping heal wounds as best it can. Please give my best to your family. Steve
Danielle Johnson
Branksome Hall School
2002-06-27 21:02:00
To the Levitt family, after watching I Am A Rose: A father's Journey on vision TV, I was truly moved and decided to visit the website, and tell you how much I admire your courage, and your strength in dealing with the passing of such a special girl. I beleive she was truly a gift from God, as are all 3 of your daughters. I find Stacey's Poetry the poetry of someone who was truly meant to write. It is captivating, sometimes cheerful, and tends to really make you think hard about certain things. That is what her petry does for me. I only wish that I could read more of it. God Bless Your Jewel, she takes part in brightening the night sky, an inspiration and a guide to traveller's on the road of life. Sincere Blessings.
Grade 7&8 Class of Dufferin School
Brantford, Ontario
2002-06-25 21:50:00
On behalf of Mme. Lubert and the seven eight class at Dufferin School we would like to thank you for your extreme kindness in sending us a copy of Stacey's book and a copy of the documentary so quickly by courrier. Your strength in moving on and fufilling your daughters goals astounds us. Thank you again.
Belleville ontario
2002-06-24 20:47:00
My thoughts and prayers are with you I had lost a good friend to a drowning and I know a family who lost a son the same way you have lost a daughter. I seen part of your story and the poetry was beautiful. Its nice to know that people are finding this a way of healing and your daughters memory will live on there is always a reason for everything and you are helping people by reaching out.We know 2 things for certain life and death. Your daughters poetry sounds like she knew what life was all about and she knew that one day people would need something to help them and she was that something.I hope you and your family have a little piece of your heart restored and like the song The Rose just remember in the spring time a seed becomes a rose your daughter will always blossom and live forever in your hearts.
Tami Froehlich
Vernon,BC Canada
2002-06-24 16:57:00
This morning while relaxing with a cup of coffee I was lucky enough to watch the documentary I am a Rose on Vision TV. I have to tell you that I was deeply moved and touched by your story, and by the poetry that Stacy wrote. Sometimes in life we meet someone or hear of something that moves us and makes us so very aware of how precious life is. This is one of those times. Stacy, I'm sure was a very loving, caring and thoughtful young woman with many goals and dreams.....now her dreams will live on through her poetry. The poems that I have read here at the site are so motivational and well written ....I will be definatly ordering a couple books. I thank you very much for being able to share her story and her poetry with the world. Stacy will live on through this and she will always be with you. What you did by sharing her poetry and leaving the blue box on the mountain was very beautiful and extremely inspirational.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I will think of Stacy and the wonderful legacy she has left each and every time I read her work. Stacy was so very blessed to have such a wonderful father and family. No doubt there are many others like me who have been so moved by your story and your courage to share it with all of us. God Bless. Sincerely, Tami froehlich
Sandy Lubert
Brantford, Ont.
2002-06-18 20:20:00
Hi - Saw the documentary last night. Just finished telling my colleagues about it (we teach at a French Immersion school). Powerful stuff! The timing couldn't have been better, since my grade 7/8 students are in the process of writing essays about poetry. They are exploring the importance of poetry in today's society, and many have chosen as a thesis the idea that poetry provides people with a way to express important thoughts and feelings. I was thrilled when, at the end of the piece, you shared a website address. My students will be visiting it today. Here's a quote we have studied, written by Arab-American poet Naomi Shihab Nye: ...poetry is everything that headline news is not...It takes us inside situations, helps us imagine life from more than one perspective...and deepens our confidence in a meaningful world. The last idea resonates with me -- in society which so often promotes the material and the superficial, the SPIRITUAL becomes ever more important. Sandy Lubert
Cecily Phelan
Baker Lake, Nunavut
2002-06-18 16:50:00
Dear Ned, Cheryl, Marni and Jacqueline, I saw Stacey's story on Vision TV last night and was so deeply moved by it. My prayers are with you all. It is wonderful that you are keeping Stacey's memory alive and giving it to the world...she was an amazing young woman and, I'm sure, an inspiration to many. I am going to order 2 of her books...one for myself and one for a dear friend whose 18 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver on April 20, 2002. I know that I Am a Rose will be a comfort to my friend Katherine. Thank you all for sharing Stacey's story and her poetry. Sincerely, Cecily Phelan Box 6 Baker Lake, Nunavut
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