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Tracy Wilcox
2004-11-09 21:15:00
I caught the end of the interview on CH Morning Live this morning and saw Ned on there. I was interested to read his daughters poetry and it is beautiful. I would like to send credit to you and your family for doing such a brave thing as to publish your daughters poetry. It was a wonderful thing to do to keep her memory alive and for poetry readers like myself, I would like to thank you for doing it as well. I will make sure to put I am a Rose on my Christmas wish list.
Sherry Senicar
Hamilton, On
2004-11-09 21:06:00
I saw the interview this morning on CH morning show and was touched by Ned's interview. It reminded me to hug my children a little tighter as you never know what could happen in a normal day in life. Thank you for reminding me life can be so short.
Hamilton Ontario Canada
2004-11-09 12:13:00
You are a Rose! You are a Rose. We are a Garden. You are the Weaver of a Sacred Dream . We are a Rainbow Bridge. Together we Ride the Wind soaring where the Spirit Guides us. You are a Rose. We are the Waters of Hope. You are Wonder and Wisdom . We are a Fountain of Perpetual Peace. Together we walk a Path of Soul and Spirit. You are a Rose . We are a Temple of the Human Heart . You are Guided by Angels. We are shared Humanity in Harmony with the Soul. Together we connect people to their Divinity. You are a Healing Song. You are a Reason for Hope. You are the Light of Love. You are a Rose. You are a Rose. We are a Halo of Rainbow Light . You are touched by the Hand of God . We are the Endless Flame of Life. Together we are the sacredness in everyday life. You are a Rose!
paul badura
Chatham, Ontario
2004-11-02 18:36:00
A very touching story in the LFP It brough tears to my eyes, and felt so sorry for you. Hopefully you have found strength and happy thougths again. Love is never forgoten. We buryed a baby son years ago.
Susan Brooks
Chatham, Ontario
2004-11-01 21:04:00
Hello: I read your story today in our local paper and wanted to send you this email to say that our family too suffered a loss due to head injuries. My nephew was Dan Snyder who died from the accident that involved Dany Heatley. Please know that our thoughts are with your family. Kind regards Susan & Ron Brooks
Audrey Peppin
2004-10-28 17:39:00
Ned, I watched you today on the vicki Gabereau show. My heart goes out to you and your family. How brave and strong you appear on camera. Our lives too were profoundly changed 3 years ago when our 21 year old son, Stephen, died due to a bicycle accident. It's been tough to start living again. We get up every day and put one foot in front of the other but the joy of living is sadly lacking. I intend to get a copy of Stacey's poetry book and your book. Perhaps reading them will bring some measure of comfort to me,my husband and our daughter as we struggle to rebuild our life and family without our cherished son and brother. As I heard you talk of Stacey I realized that Stephen was similiar in many ways -the bright smile,the love of adventure, the unselfishness and kindness given to all...they were taken too soon. Thank you for sharing Stacey's story with us.
Iris Daley
Niagara Falls, Ont.
2004-10-28 16:48:00
As I watched you today on the Vicki Gabereau show I found your comments so comforting, It will be one year on Nov, 25/04 since I lost my husband ( Floyd) we had been married 53 yrs, I was just thinking recently that I thought by now I would feel better but, as you said you felt worse than at the beginning and so do I, In one book I read on grief Iread that looseing a spouse is not just a seperation but an amputation, Reading that helped me understand one reason I was feeling so alone, I have talked to several people that have lost a child and they all say it is the worst loss there is, but, when you loose your spouse, to me that has to be the worst, but what it finally comes down to is the fact that YOU have lost, I would like to express my Deepest Sympathy to you, your wife and your beautiful daughters, Sincerely, Iris
Joyce Attis
2004-10-28 16:02:00
Ned, I just watched and heard you speak on The Vicki Gabereau Show. My tears haven't yet dried yet I feel the need to write to you. I am so touched and feel compelled to let you know just how wonderful it is to hear you speak so lovingly about your family, to hear what you have done to honour Stacey and what you have accomplished for yourself and for so many others along your journey of bereavement and healing. I had to honour to initially meet you about 5 years ago when, as the Executive Director of The Concerned Kids, I was invited to address your steering committee requesting funding for our Bereavement programme. Although I have been on leave for nearly two years, I understand that programme is still in the schools helping to educate young people, in part, about the grieving process. You were a positive influence in that programme's funding. Again, Ned, I want to let you know that you've touched my heart. I thank you for doing so much to help so many. Best wishes to both you and Cheryl, Joyce Attis
Chris Biddle
Port Dover, Ontario
2004-10-26 18:12:00
On April 04, 2004 I lost my son David at the age of 26 in a terrible car accident. On October 24, 2004 was my 50th birthday and our 31st wedding anniversary and a dear friend gave me a copy of no mountain too high. I spent the morning reading your book and after reading only a few pages realized that our family lives were very simular both before and after the tragedy we both suffered. There are no words to explain the grief and suffering. David like Stacey left us with so many memories and his spirit is so strong. As his mother the part in the book when the rabbi says to Cheryl if I could take away the excruciating pain that you feel right now, would you exchange it for never having given bith to Stacey? The answer is obvious.. of course we wouldn't. It has only been a little over seven months for our family and the pain is still very fresh. Each day we struggle to find a reason to go on. David has a brother just three years older and a sister just a year and a half older and he was our baby. Life will never be the same without him for any of us yet we feel his presence everywhere. After finishing the book I felt that Stacey and David were very much alike in many ways,loving sports, their unselfish kindness towards their friends, and most importantly their love for their family. It is our hope that their spirits will cross and that together they will show us how to heal our broken hearts. Thank-you for sharing your story and letting people like myself tell ours. Chris
Kladis C
2004-10-19 14:26:00
I listened to your interview with Andy Berri this morning and it brought back a flood of memories about my sister's car accident 15 yrs ago. I wish I could've kept her memory alive the way you did with Stacey but I was young and the shock was so tremendous and still is at times that the only thing I can do not to lose my mind is not to think about it. I'm shocked to feel the strength of the pain and anger so many years later and I wish I could say that time heals all wounds but it doesn't. What you and your family are doing is porbably the best way to deal with the loss and I only wish I could do the same.
Rebecca Dworkin
2004-10-19 13:53:00
I heard Ned this morning on CBC radio, and my memories of Stacey all came flooding back. She was so giving. I have yet to meet anyone with such magnetism as her. Although I only knew her for a short time, the impact she had on my life will be with me always. Thank you for such a wonderful gift to the world.
Ashleigh Frankel
2004-10-14 14:19:00
A broken finger will prevent me from writing too much, which is probably a good thing considering I am flooded with thoughts and emotions. It is mid-day at work, caught up in the busyness of Bay St. and an email comes around notifying us that Ned's book is coming out. I recognized the last name, and then the story...many friends of mine knew Stacey. I clinked the link to your/stacey's website and was moved by her passion for life and your strength. I will remember her poem to everyone as I begin my career...but I will also remind myself of her love for life and adventure! Thank you for sharing her thoughts and your words with us. No doubt many, like myself, will be inspired by your daughter.
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