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Denise Semenchuk
Edmonton, AB
2004-12-26 17:11:37
I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. So it is no coincidence that I happened to see your interview on the Vicki G. show(which I seldom watch). My 25 year old daughter, Kesa, died suddenly on Nov.19/04. Both of our daughters seemed to have had much in common:vibrant,active young women who lived life to the fullest. My daughter also liked to write and wanted to help the save the world through her writing. Her middle name was Rose... how appropriate the title of your daughters book. I've come to the conclusion that it was destiny that my daughter die when she did. There were too many "coincidences" that have led me to this conclusion. Balance was very important in Kesa's life... she is now on the other side with her Dad who died on March 15/04 and my son and I our here on earth to complete our life purpose. As someone once said " Our loved ones are not ours to keep"... they are just on loan to us. I shared an incredible 25 years with Kesa and sometimes feel her presence knowing that I can call upon her for quidance any time.
2004-12-24 14:07:06
thinking of you. A death of someone close to you can never ever be forgotten, especially during holidays and such. My sister Valerie is also an angel above. We go on because we have not choice. thinking of you and your family this holiday. Kindest Regards, Janice
Near some mountains in Québec
2004-12-24 12:13:48
Bonjour - Thank you for giving me the possibility to contribute to your Virtual Blue Box.  This might be my closest chance to feel that I reached the top of something...  And You know what?  Anything, small or big, anybody can do to make this place, the “blue” planet, our world, a better place to live is what makes me proud of being part of the human race.  It gives me new hope for tomorrow.  You, your wife and Stacey are contributing to making a difference.  Thank you for helping the human family becoming better and giving me and so many others that feeling of hope.  It feels good to be part of this huge chain of love... especially when just smiling is difficult.  There is definitely beauty in this world...  Who knows what the power of one or few heartfelt positive words can bring?  Where the ripple effect could lead and what optimistic chain of action it could trigger...   I am a Blue Morpho, struggling to go out of its Chrysalis and to live life...still hoping for the best possible life...  But what an inspiration it was listening to you, out of the blue today on Vicky…  I will definitely offer myself that book as soon as I can…for continuous inspiration.  I did not loose a daughter, but something shook me to my foundation… I salute your courage. // Claudia, Near some mountains in Québec, December 23rd, 2004
Listowel, Ontario
2004-11-17 23:16:00
I can't imagine the grief of losing a child… She's an angel watching over all of you now...You all are an inspiration…
Phil Collings
Brampton , Ontario
2004-11-17 22:31:00
Ned . I enjoyed your story in the Sun and took the time to visit your site for comfort . I too lost someone very dear to me and my daughter Shannon in MAY 2004' ... my Wife and Shannon's mother after atwo year battle with cancer . I somewhat understand your pain because there are days I dont know if I can live without Kim , but I have to find the strenght to "Live " on because I have a precious child to take care of . Thank -you for helping me see and find my way to the top of the mountain . I admire your committment to life and more importantly your lovely daughter Stacey and how you manage to keep her sprirt alive . God bless you and your family . Take care and again thank -you for the smile on my face .
Mary-Ann Kinsella
Toronto, Ontario Canada
2004-11-15 23:35:00
I am very sorry for your loss. But her soul has touched many. I believe that your daughter came to this earth and completed her journey. May god bless you all.
Bill Ramsay
Newmarket, ON
2004-11-15 13:02:00
Ned, you you may recall me from 40 years ago or so at the Wilson Heights Judo Club. Your name and heart rending story caught my eye and deeply touched me this morning. I cannot imagine the pain and torment that you and your family have felt and continue to feel. Certainly in a prefect world a parent should never have to bury a child. Perhaps you can take some solace from a thought I have that no one is truly dead while they live on in the hearts and minds of those that loved them. I have held this thought for many years and find that it has helped greatly in my life. I hope the pain and grief eases for you and your family. Kindest personal regards, Bill Ramsay
2004-11-12 23:04:00
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Acton Ont
2004-11-10 23:51:00
Stacey must be a beautiful Angel to have touched so many lives. Ned may you and your family find peace and I will pray for God to bless you. Pat
2004-11-10 13:24:00
I watched the segment about your beautiful daughter on t.v. I just wanted to say you are a very courageous man...and your strength through your entire ordeal and your family's is very remarkable...Stacey is very lucky to have such a wonderful father..god bless you and your family.
Dawn George
2004-11-09 21:27:00
I was watching CH Morning Live this morning and caught your story. It was sad but at the same time comforting to know that the pain can be over come. I commend you and your family. Stand tall and strong!! You are amazing people. Now in our hearts is your beautiful daughter Stacy! P.S I am a rose and noo mountina too high will be on my santa list for sure. Great Job Dad!! Stacey would be proud
2004-11-09 21:21:00
I saw you this morning on CH Live.. wow you touched me. and I know know that I will have you hug my kids.
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