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Debbie Morgan
Red Deer, Alberta
2005-04-18 20:09:34
Greif, I am learning is a part of life. May God be with you.
Lauralee Ferretti
Woodbridge, ON
2005-04-16 12:47:06
To both Ned and Cheryl: When I met the two of you with one of your daughters, I thought what a wonderful normal family. There was communication between all of you and I admired your relationship with each other. Little did I know that your precious daughter had been taken away from you a while back. The first thing that came to mind was my younger brother, and how he is suffering from a mental illness. I realized that most people in this world do not have it easy, and when times are really tough in your life, you must keep living it, not only for your self but sometimes for those who no longer can. Even though, discouraging days will still occur, I thank you so much for your kindness, and for introducing me to Stacey's inspirational words.
2005-03-31 11:27:51
John Drummond
Pierrefonds(Montreal,) Quebec
2005-02-21 16:00:53
One does not know how much one can endure until he has seen and experienced the pain of the Levitt's.I lost my daughter Kelly-Anne Drummond on October 3rd, 2004 from a homicide. Having read No Mountain Too High it explains what pain there is in life and the pain to overcome what life throws at us. The similarities between Stacey and Kelly-Anne are remarkable as are the similarities between Ned & I. Although my wound is still very new and I still have alot of mourning to pass through, Ned has given me the strength to carry on. I firmly believe that Stacey & Kelly-Anne are looking down upon us from heaven and are both encouraging us to climb Mt. Ixta again or to conquer that next wave in the ocean. One does not know why, as parents, we were chosen to experience these tragedies in our lives.But we must chose to go on and believe that No Mountain Is Too High. May God bless the Levitt family. My sincere regards. John Drummond
Doris Panaro
Maple, Ontario
2005-02-17 23:06:50
Your article really touch me in the star, as I to have had a recent loss of my 19 year old newphew, in September 2004. Like yourself, I'm now asking alot of questions, doing alot of soul searching. I hope one day I get to the same contentment and feel the same inner peace that you seem to have found. Your words and story is truly a gift from God, I wonder if this was God's plan to have taken you precious daughter Stacey to be an Angel in heaven, and for you to carry on her memory and to deeply touch and really have an impact on the people that are in so much pain, dealing with there lost ones. You shine a different light on our lives, and truly touch the heart. Stacey is a heavenly angel, you are our earthly angel. Thank you for spreading out our wings, so that we can fly again. I would like to ask that everyone says a pray for Stacey, Adrian and for each other. Love Doris
Liz Fitzgerald
Richmond Hill
2005-02-11 00:03:59
I cannot imagine the pain that you have gone through I admire your strength and will be purchasing the books. God Bless
Ajax, Ont
2005-02-04 10:36:35
I accidently came across Staceys bio, I was reading it because I was looking for a schoolmate from the past. I am 10 years older but I attended Allenby, Glenview and N.S.S. also. I did not know while reading her bio. that it would end up so tragic. Beautiful girl. I am a mother of 3 and I can't imagine what you went through. I just did not want to read it and not say I am very sorry for your loss. I think you are amazing people to set up this special virtual box. I read other's thoughts and are saddened for their losses. We should all learn something from this, cherish what we have. It is so hard to live that way. But we never know. God bless you. J. Allen
Hanover, Ontario
2005-01-29 14:24:30
I don't know how you possibly soldiered on - or where you found your strength. I salute you and feel that it must be faith that kept you going. I am so sorry for your loss. Life is never the same without them. Getting through the long dark nights, wishing to touch your child once more and realizing that the chance is forever gone on this earth is truly a shattering experience, and I don't know how you ever got through. Thank you for all your thoughts and courage. I will buy your book.
2005-01-18 20:59:35
I heard you speaking with Andy Barrie recently on CBC in the morning and it prompted me to buy the book "No Mountain.." because I thought my Mom might find it inspirational. I recently lost my dear sweet father to a brain tumour that took his life in 5 short months. It has been a long and painful time without him and I am always interested in learning how to turn the pain into something more positive. Anyway, I am still in possession of the book, having cried with you, laughed with you, and rejoiced in how you've memorialized your beautiful daughter. The book was doubly powerful for me as Benjamin's also took care of things for my family and my wonderful father is buried in the same cemetary as Stacey. Needless to say, I relived those painful days in reading your story. In the end though, I am inspired and I thank you for passing on your courage, wisdom and strength. I think Stacey was as blessed to have you as you were to have her. Thank you again for a wonderful book....I think I'll have to buy my Mom her own copy. Warmly, Evelynne
Trish Rabideau
2005-01-09 17:45:40
I was watching the news when I saw your story and the sad loss of your daughter. I am the mother of Skyler Rabideau who was murdered on New yrs Eve 2004. Sky was only 8yrs old and a Sweetheart always looken out for other people, He was truley gifted. Im also an alcoholic in recovery and find it so very hard to deal with everything going on... Someday I will purchase your book,and if you would like to visit Skys web site and sign his book please do so. My prayers are with your Family Trish Skys site is http://skyrabideau.freeservers.com
Dean Visser
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2004-12-27 00:15:40
I am terribly sorry for your loss. My daughter as well seems to have a gift for poetry(she is 14). She as well maintains a journal of her writings and stories. I cannot imagine what the world would be like without her. Your story inspires me to cherish everyday with her and to love her even more than I could have previously imagined. Your courage in times of grief are awe inspiring and I could only hope to have a piece of that courage being in your situation. Stacey and yourself have touched the world more than you could possibly know. I thank you for the inspiration. God Bless you all.
2004-12-26 22:19:04
i never watch the channel that i was watching, and i never watch VICKI; but somehow there i was- watching you on it. thank you. my son was murdered march 17, 2003.
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