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Pat Ellis
Essex, Ontario, Canada
2006-08-25 10:57:26
I was truly inspired by the book No mountain too high! I too am having to walk in shoes that are worn by people who have lost a child and it is not easy to say the least!! My 24 yr old daughter Marla was killed in a car/truck accident, May 10, 2000, while vacationing in Australia!! Life, I don't believe can ever be the same for this family! Although we are still functioning the best way we know how, and enjoying daily life one day at a time, always remembering that this is not the safe world that we once lived together in!! There is a constant ache in my heart daily, realizing what Marla is missing, and what we are misssing by not having her in our lives today!! Someday when I can crawl out from under my grief and mourning I would like to have a memorial in our town to display the names of children who have left this earth far, far, too soon!! I have found comfort in my Bereavement Group and was wondering if you would be in the Windsor, Ontario area anytime soon and if you could inform me of a speaking engagement that the Group might attend! I just can't get enough reading material from people like you and Stacey's poems, that inspire us to move on from our grief and celebrate their lives'!! Thanks for writing your story! Marla's Mom, Pat Ellis
H.M. (Bobbie) Van Vliet
Calgary, AB
2006-01-24 20:30:50
In 1977 my youngest son died. He too was 18. Scarcely a day goes by when thoughts of him him don't cross my heart and mind - especially on his birthday, at Christmas, Easter - I think you know what I mean. So, you see, I do have some understanding of what you have gone through - and are still going through. May God bless and keep you and your family. Stacey's poems are an inspiration. A mother whose heart still aches ad still bears the scars.
rachael derbyshire
brantford, ontario
2006-01-15 16:02:15
Today I heard Ned Levitt speak at the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton, and was truly moved by what he had to say. It even brought tears to my eyes when I was describing his words to my parents. Thank you for sharing Stacey's gift with the world. Ose shalom bimromav hu ya'ase shalom aleynu veh'al kol Yisrael veh'imru, imru amen Rachael Derbyshire
Shannon Lafontaine
Sudbury, Ontario
2005-12-07 19:27:21
I watched you Mr.Levitt on the talk show of Vicky Gabereau and was touched by your story of your wonderful daughter Stacey.I thought what an affect this young woman had on me. I too had lost someone I really loved a little over five years ago and he was only seventeen years of age. It wasn't the fact that he passed away that got to me,but that he was only seventeen.I miss him a great deal just like you miss your daughter.Well I just wanted to tell you that your daughter,Stacey,is an inspiration to all and I look forward to reading about her in your book. Sincerely Yours Truly, Shannon Lafontaine
Woodbridge, Ont
2005-12-07 12:43:26
I was visiting my sick grandmother when the Vicki Gabereau show came on. I had never watched it before but your story was truly an inspirational one. I look forward to purchasing the books and wish your family the best as well as all the other families who have suffered the loss of a child. I send you all my prayers. Dianne
susan labelle
sudbury ontario
2005-12-06 22:02:15
Dear levitt family, I as the rest of your letters, was about to say. I saw the last two minutes of the vicky Gabereau show , I to am not an afternoon tv watcher and was off to therapy after an accident which has left me in a lot of physical and mental pain. which i know will be just for a time and hopefully they will both heal. A year and a half ago my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The doctor said our relationship would never be the same. We both confessed the other day that we thought that she ment dealing with imminent death. We now know that she ment trying to live. Unfortunately this illness not only robs you of your physical it robs you of your mental ability through lack of oxygen. I have worked in pallative care for fifteen years with exactly this kind of illness. Walked countless of families through it. To be told so often we could not have made it without you. Those were words that perhaps carry me through these harsh days. We are now on our own journey of discovery thank you for more thoughts to work with more avenues to explore sincerely susan
2005-12-06 18:57:57
Thank you for being so strong in the midst of others weaknesses.
Cindy Locken
Bay Tree, Alberta
2005-12-06 17:45:59
I just saw Ned on the Vicky Gabreau show. Its not usual for me to watch T.V. in the afternoon, but I am certainly glad I did today. Although I have no children of my own, my family has lost three of our 'addtional' nieces and nephew. I cannot find words to describe the horror of watching my siblings and their husband/wife go through the loss of our beloved kids. I am going to purchase Ned's books for my family. Something that is difficult to understand for some, is that we all need one another through the loss. We have all suffered something, and we all need to help each other, and be helped in return, despite each of us, not knowing what it is we need. thank you Ned, for inspiring me to be a better, kinder, more helpful person.
beth hartlen
2005-12-06 17:42:33
dear family, I have just encountered your website and just wanted to pay my respects and let you know how much it has come very quickly to mean to me. I am 33 yrs old and have just moved from my family for the first time. I have been treating this process almost like a death experience and I am just ashamed of my self. I have spent the past month feeling sorry for my self that I do not have these wonderful people in my daily life.after reading your story of having to deal with a real death experience and knowing your successful outcome I have decided to let this experience be put into better perspective. They are jsut not going to be there at the drop of the hat but the important thing is that they are there. Thank you for showing me the courage to do this. sincerly, Beth Hartlen
Alison Meeks
Georgetown, Ontario
2005-12-06 16:36:02
This afternoon I turned on the TV at a time not usual for me. Then I saw you, telling your story on Vicki Gabereau, and I knew why I turned on the TV after all. I was so glad to see someone talking honestly about grief. Last year I lost both my Mom and my Dad, the September before that I had lost my job and 25 years before I my brother was killed by a drunk driver. Grief took my too busy "normal" life and threw me up against the wall and every time I tried to get back up it happened again. At some time in life we all loose a loved one, why has it hit me so hard? But I'm learning so much. Learning so much about life and death and grief and guilt and the list goes on but also learning so much about myself. I don't know what I'm going to be when I come out the other side of this but I can be certain it will be a better person then I have ever been before.
Carol McAulay
Port Elgin On.
2005-12-06 16:07:32
God Bless Stacey who has helped so many others in her absence I,m sure we will all meet one day!!! Carol McAulay
Carol McAulay
Port Elgin On.
2005-12-06 16:02:12
What an inspiration you are!! I have not lost a child but parents, and husband.God Bless you and your family. Carol McAulay
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