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paul appleby
2001-02-19 15:24:00
Ned, In her passing, Stacey speaks volumes about her life - and ours. She will out live us all. You have given her life a second time.
Cara Lubarsky

2000-08-24 20:04:00
I was deeply touched by your loss after watching the beautifully done documentary. I now realize your garden at Temple Sinai is for your beloved Stacey. What a lovely tribute to her.I admire your courage and inner strength. May you and your family be at peace.
Uncle Frank
My heart
2000-08-11 13:32:00
Stacey you are still impacting this world. To see your beautifull face on your beautifull website is bitter but sweet. I always think of you and miss you and will love and remember you forever. Your website will now be a place I can visit to be with you and think deeply about how wonderfull you are. Love Always Uncle Frank
Dianne Smyth
2000-08-09 22:27:00
To the Levitt family: I watched the video I Am A Rose a few weeks ago. It has lodged itself firmly in my memory and surfaces from time to time to deeply touch my heart. Stacey was wise beyond her young years and her short life will offer courage and comfort and smiles and tears to others thanks to your bittersweet efforts to tell her story. I am currently facing some personal serious health problems and have lots to think about and learning about Stacey comes at an opportune time for me. I am looking forward to being able to obtain a copy of her book and intend to offer it to my own daughters. Thank you for sharing her with me. Warm regards
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